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My name is Adamo Di Loreto, I am a professional doc-photojournalist coming from Abruzzo. I work mainly for the publishing industry either national as well as international.
First prize winner in 2013 by National Geographic within People category because a photo taken during Pope Francesco conclave.
On 2012 I have been awarded with Polidoro as best photojournalist in Abruzzo by the order of local journalists, thanks’ to my reportage on criminal acts of arson during summer in Abruzzo.
Graduated in photojournalism from John Kaverdash School academy of Milan.
Since always fond of themes concerning environment and sustainability, social issues, “hinged” to values related to Human being and cultural heritage.
I am actually a member of BuenaVista*photo and I currently cooperate with - NurPhoto and SIPA USA.

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© Foto realizzata da Paolo Cassella in croazia durante l'UEFA Euro Futsal 2012

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Financial Times - 17 October 2015 - photo by Adamo Di Loreto